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HaHa! You love me, you really love me!

If you've made it this far, I guess that means you like what you've seen so far. This page will be dedicated to putting up things that I have created, or things that people have given me that I deam creative enough to make it to my page. I will tell you what I can about the pictures and stories, but usually, there isn't much to say. Oh, for those that are curious, KAT is a nickname of mine, and "The Coming of the White" I signed and named on the scanner program so that I could cut the bottom of the page off to save space.

This is a picture that is based off of a cover for "The Darkness". The difference: wings, no little demons flying around, the costume, and some other small differences.

"The Coming of the White" is one of my favorite drawings. It is totally my doing. I got the name The Coming Of The White from "The Wastelands" another (but far greater)book by Steven King. I'm always looking for people who also share a love of The Dark Tower Series, so if you are one, please sign my guestbook (page 1) or e-mail me!

This is a piture that was taken from "Cycle of the Werewolf" by the great Stephen King. It is asured that you will see more of Mr. King in my pages.

The boy is an origional creation, and Beast is from guess what! Both of these are what result when I let my semi-twisted mind go where it wants to.

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Suzanah Dean