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LadyOfShadows' Entrails Page.

GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS. I am Suzanah Dean aka The Lady Of Shadows. Welcome. This page is going to be a jumping off point to other pages that I find interesting. Some of these links will take you to my own personal pages, and some will take you to pages I've found. Please, have fun and enjoy yourselves, and I'll try not to get you lost! Coming soon: brief biographies of Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad Tepes, and Giles DeRais.

Links to Some amazing literature.
Milton's Paradise Lost
Geoffry Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

My small shrine to Fairuza Balk.

Here are a bunch of links to pages that I think any fan of Fairuza's sould go and see.

Fairuza's fansite
Fairuza's Store
The Church Of Fairuza
Balklover's Page
Havoje's Page
TeeZee's page.(also has Winnona Ryder and Elvira)
Yet another Ru site!
A page of just links!

I have a new fixation, and her name is Angelina Jolie.
This is the best site I've found for pics. Give me more time and I'll add more sites!

And these are the rest of my links.

The Undeniable Alyson Hannigan Page
Alyson Hannigan Pics
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Page
The RHPS Script
Some of my own art work.
My Stephen King Page.
Tina the Troubled Teen
A Quote

Suzanah Dean

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